Linkage between Supply and Demand Side
Empowering both Upstream and Downstream


One-Stop Electronic Component Procurement Platform

HQBUY is a one-stop electronic component procurement platform developed by Huaqiang Electronic Network Group. Drawing upon the Group's 20+ years of experience in the industry, HQBUY utilizes the Group's strengths in systems, sourcing, data, warehousing and logistics to offer customers convenient access to spot procurement, overseas purchasing, BOM-based procurement and PCB manufacturing services. With the support of its offline teams, HQBUY serves over 30,000 end customers, providing component samples and bulk procurement solutions.

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Smart Storage Center
1 million+
1000 +
Brands in Stock
20000 +
Cumulative Brand Clients Served

——Data as of December 31, 2023——

HQBUY Service System

Intelligent BOM Tools
Up to 500 items at a time
Generate results within 10 seconds
PCB Manufacturing

High-reliability, Multi-layer boards Workflowly and Fast Delivery

Warehousing Service Center

Deliver products to customers within 24 hours by SF Air Express

Self-selling/Delegated Purchase of Spot Goods

Worldwide Purchasing

HQ Electronic Network

Electronic Component Procurement Information Platform

Huaqiang Electronic Network, established in October 2002, is a prominent vertical B2B website in China's electronic component industry. Owned by Huaqiang Electronic Network Group, it serves as a comprehensive platform that leverages "Internet + Big data" capabilities to offer a wide range of services to upstream and downstream customers in the electronic industry.
With a strong presence in the electronic industry, HQEW provides services such as product information display, business match-making, brand promotion, industry research, SaaS. HQEW has amassed extensive resources, including members, users, supply and demand information, and industry insights, serving as a gateway for customers to access industry information efficiently and communicate effectively with their business partners.The platform enables customers to enhance their competitiveness rapidly.HQEW facilitates quick and accurate supplier matching, online quotations, reduced transaction risks, and time-saving procurement processes for buyers.

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0 million+
Registered Users
0 million+
Maximum Daily Visits
0 million+
0 million times
Annual Online Inquiries/Quotations
Active Buyers Nearly

——Data as of March 31, 2024——

Service System

Standard Members

Start your business on HQEW

600 Members

Membership with fewer inventory items

Chengyitong Member

Premium membership with the access to certification sevices

Domestic Brands

Brand promotion for domestic brands

Certification Services
Certification Services
Original/Spot Ranking

Ranked high on the search result page

ISCP (Original)

Certification service for large scale vendors with genuine products in stock

ISCP (Brand)

Certification service for original manufacturers

ISCP (Distributer)

Certification service for distributors

ISCP (Genuine)

Certification service for  average scale verdors with genuine products in stock

ISCP (In-stock)

In-stock certification

Promotion Services
Promotion Services
Bidding Rank

Listed in the top 5 spots on the search result page

Domestic Alternative Reference

Domestic subsitution for imported models

Recommended Inventory

Inventory promotion to get higher exposure

Rush Out Stock

Inventory for sale with an extra icon

Model Advertisement

Accurate exposure across various scenes

Online Advertising

High exposure / traffic

Big Data Services
Big Data Services
Beacon Tower

Market data analysis and business situation analysis

Cloud Quotation

A great volume of realtime quotations of high accuracy

Operational Services
Operational Services

Customized QQ for the electronics industry


Innovative industrial IM

WeCom Customer Service

Acquire WeChat inquries with WeCom accounts

Delivery Service

Short-distance delivery

Inventory Keeper

Effeiently managing your inventory

Recruitment Assistant

Facilitating rapid & efficient recruitment

Media Services
Media Services
New Media Promotion

Providing one-stop content marketing

Event Planning and Promotion

Hosting seminars, Co-exhibiting

Credit System for Vendors

Credit System for Vendors
Credit System for Vendors
Credit Level

Accumulate integrity points enhance  level

Credit File

Display of business reputation records

Comments & Reviews

Publication and public display of evaluation information

Credit Supervision

Public supervision of member trading behaviors

HQ Cloud Platform

Professional Electronic Industry Big Data and Enterprise Management Service Platform

HQ Cloud Platform includes products such as Inventory Keeper, Beacon Tower, Courier Treasure and Cloud Quotation. It can help enterprises achieve efficient and convenient daily management of online store and inventory as well as the provision and analysis of comprehensive market data and logistics services support. HQ Cloud Platform also helps enterprises clearly understand the market structure and explore prospective customers' needs, providing all-round support for their market expansion.

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Inventory Keeper

An Inventory Management Software Product More Suited to the Electronic Industry

•Based on industry characteristics, it integrates procurement, sales, cash register, warehousing and finance;
•Flexible and efficient, most suited to the electronic industry
•Flexibly manage the inventory of Huaqiang electronic online shops

Cloud Quotation

Gather Public Quotations from Industry Suppliers to Help Electronic Merchants Allocate Orders Efficiently

• Massive quotations
• One-stop inquiry
• Upload quotations for free to increase exposure

Beacon Tower

Big Data for Big Business

• Help businesses optimize and upgrade business models
• Identifly business problems and improve marketing methods
• Gain insights into the market situation in advance and calmly adapt

Courier Treasure

Courier Service Expert

• Serve first, pay later for flexible fund utilization
• Extensive courier partnerships and multiple; order options ensure hassle-free express mail delivery
• Average one-hour delivery and pickup in Huaqiangbei
• Higher shop ranking on based on mail delivery volume


High-reliability Multilayer Board Manufacturing Expert

HQPCB has a wealth of professional cooperation channels, and its partners hold a number of authoritative quality management system certifications to meet the demanding requirements of large brand customers for PCB quality control. It provides real-time production full-link information and has a professional engineer team to provide whole-process services to ensure the timely delivery and guarantee of large orders. At present, its scope of cooperation covers communications, computer, automotive electronics, military industry, aerospace, industrial control, medical equipment, and other fields which have refined and high requirements for PCB.

Cover A Wide Range of Fields

Multiple Quality Management System Certifications

Imported Equipment/Ink and Kingboard FR4 Boards

Meet Requirements for Sample/Mass Production Orders

The above services are provided by partners

HQ Cloud Warehouse

An Electronic Component Warehousing and Trading Service Center

HQ Cloud Warehouse is an electronic component warehousing and trading service center created by Huaqiang Electronic Network Group and integrates business settlement,intelligent warehousing and brand sales. It now houses a large number of high-quality electronic component brands and merchants. With over 20,000+ SKU inventory information and a 5,000 square meter intelligent constant temperature warehouse, HQ Cloud Warehouse is committed to providing electronic component traders and end customers with electronic component warehousing and transaction services that feature "original authentic products, stock availability, market low prices, and fast services". This has established a good reputation in the market.

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Smart Warehousing Center

• 5000m²
• Temperature-controlled warehouse

Professional Management

• Specialized management of electronic component warehouse
• Established expertise and standardized operational processes

Fast Delivery

• Quick retrieval within 15 minutes in Huaqiangbei
• Doorstep delivery within 1 hour

Security Assurance

• Purchase insurance for goods to ensure safety
• Risk Manageable